About Us

We are building the future of metrics.

We believe that the most important thing is the attitude and the desire to learn and grow. Nobody is born knowing. Just make mistakes and learn.
Our approach

Results oriented

We listen to the client, understand their needs and give them concrete and measurable results.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

People with a positive attitude, a desire to learn and grow, with a vision oriented towards results and who share our vision.

Our values

We hear

We collaborate actively listening to everyone's needs.

We stay together

We value, reward, and give loyalty, in all circumstances.

We value

We focus on giving our best and value those who share our vision.

We seek professionalism

In us, our processes, our ideas. From learning with training and experience.

We change

We learn, we try, we make mistakes and we start over again having changed along the way.

We improve

Improvement is our goal. Every day we strive to be better than the day before.

Trusted by



Adriana Saavedra

Adriana is the business co-founder. With an extensive experience in business and startups, and a unique product overview, she is in charge of the company´s vision.

Jhonny Fuentes

Jhonny is the tech co-founder and has 23 years of experience, with strong technical and startup knowledge. This is the 2nd startup he has founded.

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